A church school founded by the Huntsville Area Friends Meeting

School Activities

North Alabama Friends School offers different activities each month for their enrolled students. These activities offer studentsí and parentsí opportunities to make friends, interact with other young people, and explore new places and ideas. Activities are listed on the newsletter calendar that families receive each month.
Parents should carefully read the calendar and make reservations (if required) and plan to attend activities for the coming month.
We try to offer at least one field trip per month which can consist of going to a play, events at the Von Braun, or educational sites in the local area. Other activities that we offer are a monthly book discussion, student council for grades 7-12, yearbook staff for grades 7-12, and a science/social studies fair. We have a picnic to start the school year and student council plans the activities for our picnic in the spring. We also participate in Letís Pretend Hospital (grades 1-2), Young Peopleís Concert (grades 4-5), Madison County Drinking Water Festival (grades 4-5) and take a field trip to Huntsville Utilities to learn about electricity (grades 4-5).